Precision Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether it's for your home, car or business, UV protection is a great thing! Not only for your comfort level, but energy savings too!

The film is cut and shaped to the window from the outside. Then, the film is applied inside of the vehicle to the inside of the window.

The window tint limits are based on the percentage of light allowed to pass through to the interior of your vehicle. For a car, 40% on the front doors, 25% on the back doors, and 12% on the back glass. For trucks and SUVs, the same percentages apply. However, there is no limitation to the back glass.

The percentage is based on how much light the film allows through. The lower the number the darker the film.

No, the defrost wires will not be damaged. The metal strips are so thin the film can lay over them.

You will need to wait at least 3-5 days before rolling down the windows of your vehicle.

In most cases, it takes 1-2 hours.

Yes, you may use window cleaner provided the product does not contain ammonia. Ammonia may discolor the window tint.

Yes, it is possible to tint the sunroof. However, there is a possibility that the glass could get too hot and break.

Yes, it is possible to tint double pain glass in a home or building. However, the darkness of the film is limited.