Window Tint

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Window Tinting FAQs | Bossier City, LA

Does the window tint go on the inside or outside of the car?

The film is cut and shaped to the window from the outside, then applied inside to the inside of the window.

What is the legal limit for Louisiana?

For a car 40% on the front doors, 25% on the back doors, and 12% on the back glass. For trucks and SUV's the same applies except for there is no limitation to the back glass.

What do the percentages mean?

The percentage is based on how much light the film allow through. The lower the number the darker the film.

Will the defrost wires in the back glass interfere with the film?

No, the metal strips are so thin the film can lay over them.

How long do I need to wait before I roll the windows down?

3-5 days.

How long does it take to tint an average vehicle?

1-2 hours.

Can I use window cleaner on the film?

Yes, provided the product does not contain ammonia.

Is it possible to tint a sunroof?

Yes, but there is a possibility of the glass getting too hot and breaking.

Can you tint double pane glass in a home or office building?

Yes, but the darkness of the film is limited.